Pizza $1

Sometimes I find the best way to soothe my soul
is to stop trying so hard.
Being a mindful human being can take it’s toll,
especially when you consider what you’re up against.
It’s ok to take a rest and eat some GMO pizza once in a while.
Your body will thank you for the brief respite
of stress and guilt you place upon it so regularly.
There, that’s my magical elixir





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Shot by The Progeny Photo

Keep Watch Varsity Jacket by Long Clothing x Mishka  available at

Dress and Boots by Unif


Breaking Bad

I will admit, I am not a fan of the series.  It’s color palette is atrocious. Nevertheless, I seemed to have transported myself straight onto the set of an episode, and therefore,  I succumb to its offerings.  It’s all good. Sometimes life leads you to a bleak empty lot with nothing of substance to consume. The answer?  Cook up whatever’s within arms reach, and make it a damn good batch. cat stuff-1017 cat stuff-1071 cat stuff-1020 cat stuff-1073 cat stuff-1090 cat stuff-1118 cat stuff-965   cat stuff-976 cat stuff-934   cat stuff-997cat stuff-1034 cat stuff-1103 cat stuff-1108   SHOT by The Progeny Photo SKULL HEAD SWEATSHIRT by Evil Twin, available at here CHOKE BOOTS by Unif here

C U Next Tuesday

This outfit amuses me because of its multiple personalities.

It makes me feel business-like, but it also makes me reminiscent of the days where getting up in the morning didn’t matter.

I am not one to shy away from color or color-clashing, and I’d say the mix of plaids in this skirt and my purple hair do battle with each other quite nicely.

And yes, I was muttering to myself for most of this shoot… that’s how I get shit done. Let’s not confuse schizophrenia with multi-tasking.



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Shot by The Progeny Photo

Matador Hat by Free People

Sunglasses by Urban Outfitters

Giacometti Jacket by Bailey 44, available at Coterie Downtown LV

Skirt: Ragged Priest

Choke Boots by Unif

Handpiece from Cash4Chaos LV

Ghost Train

Right off of Blue Diamond Road, there is an abandoned, rusted out train. A cliche of conjured up images of the Old West, it cuts into the horizon like a rip in the space-time continuum. I was there for the first time last November with Caroline, owner of Widow Den, at the behest of her husband Alex, a Vegas native. In the late nineties, during the Huntridge-underground-band-grunge era, it was a venue for punk bands and keg parties. What a f***ing cool thing to do. I wish with every particle and sub-particle of my being that I could travel back in time and go to one. Flannel, combat boots, army jacket, cigarette and beer in a plastic cup. Ghosts of Old Nevada intermingling with angry punks singing songs of anarchy. Metaphysical poetry in its raw state, and also the inspiration for my outfit for this post. Perfect attire for consorting with ghosts.





Cattle Skull on the Parched EarthIMG_3720IMG_3706




Dress by Coterie

Top by Widow Den

Boots by Report

Shot by Lunar Candy

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