Ghost Train

Right off of Blue Diamond Road, there is an abandoned, rusted out train. A cliche of conjured up images of the Old West, it cuts into the horizon like a rip in the space-time continuum. I was there for the first time last November with Caroline, owner of Widow Den, at the behest of her husband Alex, a Vegas native. In the late nineties, during the Huntridge-underground-band-grunge era, it was a venue for punk bands and keg parties. What a f***ing cool thing to do. I wish with every particle and sub-particle of my being that I could travel back in time and go to one. Flannel, combat boots, army jacket, cigarette and beer in a plastic cup. Ghosts of Old Nevada intermingling with angry punks singing songs of anarchy. Metaphysical poetry in its raw state, and also the inspiration for my outfit for this post. Perfect attire for consorting with ghosts.





Cattle Skull on the Parched EarthIMG_3720IMG_3706




Dress by Coterie

Top by Widow Den

Boots by Report

Shot by Lunar Candy

Additional images courtesy of and


7th Street Bohemian

Cat unedited-45

On 7th and Carson, there lies an enclave that has recently undergone a spiritual awakening. What was previously faded and brittle has been shot up with vibrant color and life, thanks to the recent Life is Beautiful festival that ran its course in downtown Las Vegas. Although the stages and ferris wheel have long been dismantled, the works of several artists remain scattered along various sides of buildings and walls that have graciously allowed themselves to become canvasses.

The result has created a magnetic energy in places that were once vacuous.  There has been a slow, but continuous trickle of people drawn to see the murals, not just to appreciate their artistic value, but because they want to feel something. They find themselves driving or walking around areas they may have never visited in search of art. It is a beautiful thing, and this is exactly what my friend Dawn and I were doing when we stumbled into the enclave on 7th.

There are several new murals there, but the work by Zio Ziegler sucked me in like a Ray Bradbury novel. I recommend standing near it during a windstorm. It will sing for you.

Cat unedited-48

As difficult as it was, I managed to step out of the mural and back onto solid footing. I suppose now would be as good a time as any to mention my outfit. I felt a bit as if I were wearing a painting.

Cat unedited-69

Compliments of Coterie, these two pieces created a complex harmony that put my mind at rest. The barrage of conflicting thoughts that usually run rampant through my head came together to focus on the intricacies, much like viewing a nice piece of art.


I really love the Bohemian  aesthetic. Loose fitting, flowing pieces can be so flattering to the feminine form. Having descended from Hungarian gypsies myself, I presume that is why I relate to the lifestyle. I did some wandering myself over the years. Who hasn’t, in some sense, right?

Cat unedited-60

Cat unedited-90

Cat unedited-97Cat unedited-100

Cat unedited-101Cat unedited-98

Cat unedited-105

Both of these pieces are available downtown at Coterie, and the murals are everywhere. Definitely cause for some wandering.

Butterfly Chiffon Kaftan by Michelle Jonas

High-Low V-Neck Dress by 12 St. by Cynthia Vincent

Special thanks to Sabraw Photography and Coterie Downtown

Desert Winter


As the cold sets in to the rocks and the sage bushes bleach, the Vegas desert takes on its winter identity. The blaze has smoldered down to an unassuming ash. All creatures bask in their outer layers, and may even consider adding a few. For a true Las Vegan, this is transcendent bliss.


With that in mind, Caroline and I collaborated on a desert shoot to showcase some of the pieces that are currently available in her boutique. The Widow Den, as you may know from reading one of my earlier posts in August, is located in the Arts Factory on E. Charleston. Along with unique pieces that cater to some of the Las Vegas subcultures, Caroline hand-designs beautiful one of a kind jewelry and accessories.


So please join me for the rest of the week. There will be a new look featured every day. Fittingly, the last day will be Nov. 30th, which is Small Business Saturday, a nationally recognized shopping event. If you haven’t already considered doing your holiday shopping locally, hopefully this will inspire you.


Styled by Widow Den

Jewelry by CJ Aurora, available at Widow Den

Sun Glasses by CJ Aurora, available at Widow Den

Dress and poncho (similar) by Widow Den

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