C U Next Tuesday

This outfit amuses me because of its multiple personalities.

It makes me feel business-like, but it also makes me reminiscent of the days where getting up in the morning didn’t matter.

I am not one to shy away from color or color-clashing, and I’d say the mix of plaids in this skirt and my purple hair do battle with each other quite nicely.

And yes, I was muttering to myself for most of this shoot… that’s how I get shit done. Let’s not confuse schizophrenia with multi-tasking.



cat stuff-510 cat stuff-512 cat stuff-550 cat stuff-565 cat stuff-569 cat stuff-578 cat stuff-584 cat stuff-588 cat stuff-591


Shot by The Progeny Photo

Matador Hat by Free People

Sunglasses by Urban Outfitters

Giacometti Jacket by Bailey 44, available at Coterie Downtown LV

Skirt: Ragged Priest

Choke Boots by Unif

Handpiece from Cash4Chaos LV


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