Debbie Carroll: How to Dress for Romance

A Debbie Carroll dress is best described as the icing to the feminine form. The dresses she designs make me nostalgic for days spent in the height of romance. Anyone who has ever fallen madly in love can relate, I suppose. Things are imbued with an extra brilliance, the body is zinging with electricity, and the mind becomes erratic.  Every event takes on a grave importance and the details of ones appearance are meticulously scrutinized, in order to present oneself to a suitor in the most divine of glories.  A dress becomes more than just a dress. It becomes a declaration of love that will be reciprocated tenfold by the person it is worn for.  The desired effect is to make that person buckle at the knees, and Miss Carroll has mastered this art with her simple, yet elegant designs.

At our first meeting it became abundantly clear that she was in the midst of a romance herself.  All the telltale signs were there. In other words, she was floating on air.  “My love life has brought out the best in me, my creative work and my designs,” says Debbie.  “I have my passion and drive again. I’m in love… what can I say? I’m happy and it is projecting on to my work.”  She went on to say that the support of her partner was a driving force in her success, which has virtually happened overnight.

It all began with an unsuccessful shopping trip for the perfect dress for her thirtieth birthday. After coming up short,  she took matters into her own hands and designed a dress that was not only a showstopper, but a conversation starter.  As she answered questions from admiring and inquisitive women again and again, she realized she was on to something, and Debbie Carroll Designs was born.



“My collection represents sophistication, elegance, class and glamour and tends to incorporate a backless design. I always desire for my designs to make a woman look their best, accentuating and revealing areas of their body which they may not normally consider. The back reveals enough of the female form and keeps it true to what my collection represents.”
Clients have purchased dresses for occasions such as birthdays, first dates, weddings and red carpet events, all with the intention of looking their best and feeling comfortable. For Debbie, it is considered an enormous compliment to her work and no less than an honor to know that her dresses are considered appropriate for such special events.

The Las Vegas upscale nightlife culture provides a perfect platform for her cocktail dresses. “The glitz and glamour culture of the Strip make my dresses a popular choice for the girls who frequent these places. There is always an occasion here to dress up and in Vegas every night is a Friday night”, remarks Miss Carroll. Dinner at L’Atelier, champagne at the Bellagio, and a table on the dance floor at XS come to mind,  although there are many other combinations equally as desirable. One can dream, no?

It has been a few short months since Debbie started her business, and her following is large. She sends dresses all over the country and overseas for woman who are devastatingly beautiful, and are desperate to wear a Debbie Carroll.  I believe this could be partially due to the positive energy that emanates from her like a light source. “I am a very dedicated and passionate individual.  I feel that my talent and keen eye for what is flattering is what catches the attention of my followers.  When people meet me they tend to make positive comments with regards to my character and personality which I feel helps build a loyal following of customers. They have no problem assisting me with shout outs, photographs and referrals which is the greatest of compliments.”


1069994_500451143375939_393694475_nMiss Carroll has an extensive background in dance. She was the lead alongside Michael Flatley in Lord of the Dance for eleven years, and has also owned her own Irish dance studio here in Las Vegas. I asked her if she thought her dance training influences her work ethic. “Absolutely,” she states. “Growing up my parents always pushed me to be the best, to never settle, to go to the top. My mum was a trained dancer and a perfectionist and I owe her everything. Her work ethic is outstanding and her love and support pushed me to go professional and to get to lead status in a huge company.  Nothing is ever handed to you, you have to go get it. I was also trained by the best showman in the world. It certainly wasn’t easy but when you have passion and love for what you do you won’t stop until you get success.”

Debbie’s passion for life and work is not only inspiring, it is contagious. Her motto is simply, “live by design”, which couldn’t be more fitting for such a talented and driven young woman.  She is headed straight to the top, and there is going to be a slew of gorgeous, well-dressed women along the way.

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