Painting the Town Red

“Coming it strong with a Spree and a spread,
Milling the day-lights, or cracking the head;
Go it ye cripples! come tip us your mauleys,
Up with the lanterns, and down with the Charleys:”

-taken from the Spree at Milton Mowbray, 1837

As the sun set blood red behind the burning haze at Mount Charleston, I sped along I-15  towards Downtown Las Vegas, once again into the First Friday inferno. IMG_0302

My first stop into Emergency Arts  proved somewhat futile, as it appeared I had just missed Invasion Erosion,  featuring the paintings of Alexandria Lee and some riotous interactive painting with Wolf189 Photography and Christopher Kachurak.


On the second floor, I realized I had also just missed the completion of a collective mural by a handful of high school art students from the Las Vegas Academy, who had to skulk quietly away before the paint was even dry.

It was time to hit the streets.

Hat by Urban Outfitters, Dress by H&M
Hat by Urban Outfitters, Dress by H&M



I felt myself swooning , and decided upon a rescue strategy: refreshment. I was able to accomplish this quite successfully at the Artifice, the Downtown Cocktail Room, and finally the Triple B.

See how happy and refreshed my reflection and I  look? Or was I just seeing double?



As I reflected upon the events of the evening, I found myself sinking slowly, and realized my night had come to an end.


It was back to the streets, weaving through the salty crowds and mounted police to my room at the El Cortez. I surveyed the view from the hallway one last time , and retreated indoors to a deep, dark, sleep.



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