Into the Wardrobe

Come, take a peek with me inside the closet of Louise Yorath. Ever the gracious host, she allowed me to rifle through her belongings like an awestruck  little sister, trying to learn the ways of womanhood.   As we delved deeper and deeper into her wardrobe, she was able to give  me some insight into some of her most precious pieces.

Originally from England, Louise was thrust into the fashion world at age 16, as a model for Select; a top agency representing the likes of Helena Christensen .


IMG_0211By the age of 19, she gave up the runways of Milan for an opportunity to work for Cirque de Soleil, and found herself in the original cast of Mystere, utilizing her talents as a rhythmic gymnast. She became a permanent resident of Las Vegas, and then went on to perform as a dancer in the Tournament of Kings show and as a featured act in Zumanity. She continues to work as model here in Las Vegas.

The first outfit she put together is inspired by comfort. These stretch jeans were ridiculously soft and are from Au Coton, a Canadian store that was popular in the 80’s, and eluded me when I did a search on Google.  However, we have a store here  in Vegas at the Boulevard Mall, who knew?  This kimono is from Buffalo Exchange.


The dress you see here is designed by  Wassa Coulibaly. She is not only a talented designer who creates fashions inspired by her birthplace of   Senegal, but also a talented performer who has been featured in Zumanity and is currently starring in a show she wrote  called the Red Dress. It  is playing at the Baobab Stage in Town Square.


“Sweet memories when I see this dress again. I designed it when I was in vacation in Senegal. I wanted something light and comfortable, chic but not too glamourous at the same time,”  states Wassa.  ” I came with this design which a quantity of people  have liked since then, especially when I started to present it in my boutique in Las Vegas.”  She has just recently opened a store in Town Square called Wassa Wear, open from 2 to 10pm .

And here is a red dress of Louise’s. A Marciano by Guess worn only once to the premiere of the Cirque show Love. Absolutely stunning. I can only imagine how she must have looked that night. Sometimes we keep things in our closet to remind us of more exciting times. It is my solemn wish that she finds a reason to wear it again.

This is a dress that belonged to  Louise’s mother. Carried around with her like a keepsake, it has traveled with her all over the world, for the last 20 years. It is a vintage Louis Féraud.

Louis Féraud was a French fashion designer and artist. From the mid 1950s he was dressing the Parisian elite and designed the wardrobe of Brigitte Bardot for many of her movies. It wasn’t however until 1958 that he presented his first haute couture collection in Paris. Definitely a dress worth keeping.

My eyes scanned her room one last time, purses and shoes scattered everywhere, and clothes I coveted were draped over everything. But, it was time to let Louise have her closet back to herself. So, I made my exit, backing slowly out of the room, and thanked her one last time for letting me in.

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