Astairette Shops at Savers

Meet Astairette. She is a bookworm, a fashionista and an aspiring writer who dreams of someday teaching high school English.  A cross between Audrey Hepburn and Diane Keaton, her sense of style and wit indicate an old soul.  She is a sophisticated, impertinent, goofball who will endear you with her smile or one of her silly faces. We originally met at First Friday, and when she enthusiastically agreed to meet me at Savers to shop I was delighted. Oh, and the name Astairette? She occasionally plays in a local band called The Astaires.


Any Las Vegas fashionista knows that Savers can be a treasure trove of unique fashion finds. It was buzzing that day. We flitted about like two scatterbrained hummingbirds grabbing things off racks right and left, while Astairette briskly educated me on her personal style. She seemed to be gravitating to the men’s section, and explained that this fall she would be wearing mens sweaters as dresses, along with mens button-down shirts, which would be cut-off at the bottom and belted.  A  black bowler hat,  tights, and a pair of Jeffrey Campbells or Docs would be her mainstays. 

So these are the looks we put together. I think I shot all these in less than ten minutes. Astairette had borrowed someone’s car and needed to return it posthaste.

Presenting ***ASTAIRETTE*** .  Imagine her name in lights on a marquee above her Savers dressing room. Each emergence from the dressing room was a blustery show. Elbows, evening gowns, and halloween hats seemed to come from all directions, accompanied by her commentary, which was suitably scattered and sensibly spot on.

Look #1  Breakfast at Insert Coins

astairette 2

Look #2  Cosmopolitan

astairette 1

Look #3  Lanvin Luncheon


Look #4 Breaking Curfew



Look #5 Elks Lodge



And then she was gone, out the door of Savers, back to her life.  The whole experience had been kind of a blur.

As the clothes deflated on the floor of the changing room, I couldn’t help but think that Astairette herself was the most unique thing I had seen in Savers that day.


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