C U Next Tuesday

This outfit amuses me because of its multiple personalities.

It makes me feel business-like, but it also makes me reminiscent of the days where getting up in the morning didn’t matter.

I am not one to shy away from color or color-clashing, and I’d say the mix of plaids in this skirt and my purple hair do battle with each other quite nicely.

And yes, I was muttering to myself for most of this shoot… that’s how I get shit done. Let’s not confuse schizophrenia with multi-tasking.



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Shot by The Progeny Photo

Matador Hat by Free People

Sunglasses by Urban Outfitters

Giacometti Jacket by Bailey 44, available at Coterie Downtown LV

Skirt: Ragged Priest

Choke Boots by Unif

Handpiece from Cash4Chaos LV


What Does it All Mean


I wish I could tell you, but it’s your job to figure it out. 


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Shot by The Progeny Photo

Symbology Dress by New Breed Girl, available exclusively at pixiekitsune.com

Matador Hat by Free People

Choke Boots by Unif

Over the Knee Stockings by Urban Outfitters