Breaking Bad

I will admit, I am not a fan of the series.  It’s color palette is atrocious. Nevertheless, I seemed to have transported myself straight onto the set of an episode, and therefore,  I succumb to its offerings.  It’s all good. Sometimes life leads you to a bleak empty lot with nothing of substance to consume. The answer?  Cook up whatever’s within arms reach, and make it a damn good batch. cat stuff-1017 cat stuff-1071 cat stuff-1020 cat stuff-1073 cat stuff-1090 cat stuff-1118 cat stuff-965   cat stuff-976 cat stuff-934   cat stuff-997cat stuff-1034 cat stuff-1103 cat stuff-1108   SHOT by The Progeny Photo SKULL HEAD SWEATSHIRT by Evil Twin, available at here CHOKE BOOTS by Unif here


What Does it All Mean


I wish I could tell you, but it’s your job to figure it out. 


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Shot by The Progeny Photo

Symbology Dress by New Breed Girl, available exclusively at

Matador Hat by Free People

Choke Boots by Unif

Over the Knee Stockings by Urban Outfitters