Pizza $1

Sometimes I find the best way to soothe my soul
is to stop trying so hard.
Being a mindful human being can take it’s toll,
especially when you consider what you’re up against.
It’s ok to take a rest and eat some GMO pizza once in a while.
Your body will thank you for the brief respite
of stress and guilt you place upon it so regularly.
There, that’s my magical elixir





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Shot by The Progeny Photo

Keep Watch Varsity Jacket by Long Clothing x Mishka  available at

Dress and Boots by Unif


Breaking Bad

I will admit, I am not a fan of the series.  It’s color palette is atrocious. Nevertheless, I seemed to have transported myself straight onto the set of an episode, and therefore,  I succumb to its offerings.  It’s all good. Sometimes life leads you to a bleak empty lot with nothing of substance to consume. The answer?  Cook up whatever’s within arms reach, and make it a damn good batch. cat stuff-1017 cat stuff-1071 cat stuff-1020 cat stuff-1073 cat stuff-1090 cat stuff-1118 cat stuff-965   cat stuff-976 cat stuff-934   cat stuff-997cat stuff-1034 cat stuff-1103 cat stuff-1108   SHOT by The Progeny Photo SKULL HEAD SWEATSHIRT by Evil Twin, available at here CHOKE BOOTS by Unif here

C U Next Tuesday

This outfit amuses me because of its multiple personalities.

It makes me feel business-like, but it also makes me reminiscent of the days where getting up in the morning didn’t matter.

I am not one to shy away from color or color-clashing, and I’d say the mix of plaids in this skirt and my purple hair do battle with each other quite nicely.

And yes, I was muttering to myself for most of this shoot… that’s how I get shit done. Let’s not confuse schizophrenia with multi-tasking.



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Shot by The Progeny Photo

Matador Hat by Free People

Sunglasses by Urban Outfitters

Giacometti Jacket by Bailey 44, available at Coterie Downtown LV

Skirt: Ragged Priest

Choke Boots by Unif

Handpiece from Cash4Chaos LV